BGCantor On-Demand

Get the application-ready data that you need,
when you need it, and pay only for what you need

BGCantor On-Demand is a fast, flexible and cost-effective way to access our high quality inter-dealer broker data. With industry standard web services, BGCantor On-Demand's benchmark Treasury, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, Futures, and Credit Derivatives data can be accessed easily and quickly over the Internet. BGCantor On-Demand is designed to enable rapid integration to your applications and add immediate value to your business.

Rapid Start-Up: Start using the data in minutes. Access the data directly via spreadsheet or integrate it in to your applications with ease.

Hassle-Free Data Access: BGCantor On-Demand’s industry standard W3C Web Services allow for easy deployment to your development environment. No expensive infrastructure setup. No dedicated circuits. No proprietary API development. No specialized hardware. No hassles.

Pay-As-You-Go: Pay only for the data you request.* We make it easy and cost-effective to select data by asset class, currency, and region. You pay only for what you need to satisfy your specific data requirements.

Multi Asset Class Access: Get access to a broad array of instruments for the same subscription fee regardless of the asset class. Data is sold on a transaction basis scaled with the actual amount requested; not by the type of data requested.

*Monthly minimum fee applies.

BGCantorUSTreasuriesDesigned to provide real-time comprehensive pricing for the full US Treasury yield curve, as well as US Treasury Basis and Swaps.
BGCantorELXFuturesDesigned to provide real-time data for US Treasury Futures and Calendar Spreads sourced from ELX Futures, L.P., a fully electronic futures exchange founded by leading global financial institutions.

BGCantorInterestRateSwapsDesigned to provide real-time U.S., European and Asian Interest Rate Swaps pricing.
BGCantorInterestRateOptionsDesigned to provide real-time EUR, GBP and USD Interest Rate Options pricing.
BGCantorBasisSwapsDesigned to provide real-time Global Basis Swaps pricing.
BGCantorCCBasisSwapsDesigned to provide real-time Cross Currency Basis Swaps pricing.

BGCantorFXNDFDesigned to provide real-time Non-Deliverable Forwards pricing.
BGCantorFXOptionsDesigned to provide real-time Foreign Exchange Options pricing including at-the-money options, risk reversals and butterflies.

BGCantorCDSDesigned to provide U.S., European and Asian Credit Default Swaps pricing.

BGCantorEGBDesigned to provide real-time European Government Bond pricing.

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